DEICHBRAND: The Gecko: 22nd July on Main stage and SOLD OUT

The anticipation is growing for DEICHBRAND 2012. This will be the first major festival for The Gecko, and what a way to start – sharing the main stage with DeichkindClueso and the Beatsteaks.

The Gecko play on Sunday morning – 22.7.2012 on the Main stage at Deichbrand and are going to shake the festival out of bed and set them up for a day of dancing with some pumping electro rock.

Here is the link to who plays when (The Gecko is 11am on the same day as Clueso) 


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Späti tour with FLUX FM and Wulle Beer

17.00 Saturday 2nd June 2012

The Gecko will be kicking off the Späti tour of Berlin. Supported by FLUX FM and Wulle Bier, this celebration of Music, beer and Berlin’s Spätkauf Kulture will travel from East to West, From Friedrichshain (Revalerstrasse 8) with The Gecko, to Kreuzberg with Chuckamuck (Lübbener 16) and Mc. Fitti (Platz vor der Skalitzer 38). with an afterparty at Soju-Bar.

Let’s hope the sun shines on The Gecko!

here’s the official site

The timing couldn’t be better as The Gecko have Launched the video for “All of a Sudden” now.

It’s on YouTube and TAPE TV.

At the moment it’s available to buy exclusively at where you pay what you want for the single with a bonus track

New Single, out now and exclusive to Bandcamp

All of a sudden is out!

The Video is on YouTube now and it’s the fruit of a creative collaboration between Spanish director Pol Ponsarnau and The Gecko, generously supported by SpreeGraphen Studios.

After weeks of preparation the new single is available and exclusive to

It comes with a hidden bonus track and a €0.70 or more price tag (you can pay more if you’d like to support the band more)

All of a Sudden captures the energy and motivation of a band ready to burst.
The first Single from the new EP is a short but telling tale of a man who finally
lets his creative madness out.

The release party is tonight (18th May) in Badehaus, Friedrichshain Berlin. Supported by the classic British indie band The Tunics and DJ Theo.All of A sudden @ Badehause


There is just one week to go before the exclusive release of “All of a Sudden” on Band Camp. The Gecko are going to release a short behind-the-scenes clip everyday as an intro to the band. These are not things you would normally see in a band presentation, but then The Gecko, with its differing nationalities and personalities doesn’t feel like a normal band.

We start with Samuel talking about his musical influences. It’s in German (but so is he!), just follow this link.Image

Warm up: Free Download

On May 18th The Gecko will be celebrating their single release.

In order to get the ball rolling we have decided to give out some free downloads. The more support The Gecko get, the more they will be able to give out, so if the fans want more, they’ll get it – but we need to feel the love (metaphorically speaking).

To start things off The Gecko are offering a free download of “Lazy Eye” for two weeks 1.4.12 to 14.4.12. Until now this song has only been available on iTunes and Amazon, but now as a present to the fans, it is on Soundcloud for DOWNLOAD

It’s a political song about being predictably ripped off by our leaders and it’s inspired by the counties Espin has lived in. Ireland had Charlie Haughey, Italy had Silvio Berlusconi and Zimbabwe still has Robert Mugabe – by far the worst of the three because of the harm he is continuing to cause his own people. The photo to go with it reflects the sense of being trapped. ( thanks to Marco Floris for the shot)

and check Facebook for the latest reactions. More coming soon!

we are the lucky ones

New Spring

The Gecko survived the winter, but we’re happy it’s over.

With the new spring comes new shows: like this Wednesday, 29.2.12.

The Gecko are playing a showcase in Crystal (Berlin) thanks to Manta Ray. Looking forward to sharing the stage with Elias &The animals Orchestra and Dance on the tight rope.

There are also new shows in Berlin, Leipzig and with the VW sound Foundation.Manta Ray Show Case



Oh yes, after weeks of waiting the new official website is online and active.

It took a little bit of luck, some internet black-magic and a small investment, but finally we have, in glorious black, white and yellow, the new site alive and the new logo online. 

A huge thanks to the continuing work of Zazi and RQM for helping turn the concept into a reality, but this is just the beginning of a new phase for the reptilian band.

In the next few weeks check in to see the news updates and developments as they happen. There is much more to come.

Welcome, thanks for finding us, please check out the rest of the site and pass the word on to support the musicians.